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Warranty Card

Warranty Card

1. According to CMR convention, complaints about damage or deficiencies in delivered goods must be reported in writing as follows:

  • damage visible: in writing at the time of delivery on the shipping documents
  • damage invisible: in writing within 7 days from delivery

Applications damage or defects submitted after these deadlines will not be considered.

2. Systems and equipment Powered by POLNET are subject to a one year warranty with proof of purchase. They should be installed and used in accordance with instructions provided by the manufacturer, or the information provided by the employee POLNET. The warranty period for fans Multifan is three years.
3. Warranty does not include operation of complete systems for self-assembly. Systems installed by POLNET are covered by a one-year warranty on the basis of a written acceptance protocol works.
4. Defects found during the warranty period will be repaired free of charge, within 30 days of delivery of the equipment to the point of sale POLNET. This term may be extended for reasons beyond the control of the guarantor, especially if it becomes necessary to bring parts from overseas or shipping the defective product to the manufacturer.
5. The warranty period is extended by time from the written notification of the defect or delivery of equipment to the point POLNET until inform the repair or shipping the repaired goods to the Client.
6. Goods should be delivered to any point POLNET if possible in its original packaging or packaging that prevents damage during transport. Any cleaning of the equipment is made at the expense of the user and is not regarded as a service guarantee. The warranty does not include the activities for which they shall be obliged to you on their own.
7. In the case of the complaint system installed, or substantial inability to pick up the defective equipment to the point of sale POLNET, it is possible to arrive to the customer service team, by prior appointment.
8. Terms of warranty:

a) Installed equipment must be used for their intended purpose and maintained according to the manufacturer and the dealer.
b) - Seller is not responsible for any repair or replacement made without his knowledge and consent, as well as for wear (damage) devices, caused by improper use or failure to comply with instructions given by the Seller or the manufacturer for operation and maintenance.
c) Parts wear out under normal wear and accessories are excluded from the warranty.
d) In the case of the use of spare parts, making modifications to the system on their own without the agreement with the Seller, the warranty expires

9. The condition of the complaint is a written report it to malfunction and provide defective product to the point POLNET or letting service team to the point of use.
10.Way of complaint: fax: +48 61 657 67 67 E-mail:
11.In the case of unjustified from the point of view of the conditions of warranty, shipping, equipment, transport costs will be charged to the advertiser.