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Feed stations

Feed stations

Benefits of using computer controlled feeding stations for sows:

  • animals feel comfortable and free ( 60 sows for each station), maintanance on slats or litter
  • individual feeding thanks to electronical indentification
  • saving time
  • improved control thansk to computer technology
  • saving the feed

Animal friendly device that eliminates stress and brings:

  • heavier and more numerous litters
  • more litters from sow
  • more healthy animals thanks to ensuring ideal maintenance standard
  • safe farrowings

Feeding station ensures:

  • stress-free maintenance
  • unlimited access to trough
  • auto shutdown
  • individual feed intake
  • animals can leave the station at any time
  • pneumatic control of gates, dividers and dosing
  • highly efficient and resistent elements
  • sillent and efficient work of each element
  • possibility of separating animals