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Medicine dispenser DOSATRON

Medicine dispenser DOSATRON

The DOSATRON proportional dosing pump enable to dose treatments, supplements and to vaccinate animals. The proportionality of dosatron pumps guarantees the correct dose independently of pressure and water flow variations (animal consumption). Pumps are self-priming and not very sensitive to degassing products, they guarantee uniform in line dilution, enable a direct readout and easy adjustment of the required dosing percentage, can operate empty (with no product) without any risk of deterioration and maintenance is easy and fast at any time. We offer a range of special purpose pumps accepting flows varying from 5 l/h to 20 000 l/h at pressures varying from 0.3 bars to 10 bars, dosing levels from 0.07% to 25% depending on your treatments, and new materials resistant to the most highly concentrated organic acids.

Technical points :
For every type of livestock, there is a particular pump model and an installation adapted to the building configuration, water consumption of the animals and solubility or aggressiveness of the dosed products.

Proportional dosing technology guarantees correct dosing and is independent from water pressure and flow variations.

Available models:
D 25 RE 2
D 25 RE 5